the production way for alumina ceramic beads

There are two ways for producing alumina ceramic beads,there are die press and injection moulding way.

One is Die Pressing(also called dry press in china)

This is by far the most widely used shaping technique for advanced ceramics
Ceramic powder is contained within a hopper and fill the die cavity.The top punch of the die will come down and compress the Granular powder within the cavity to form the green body.Adjust mold and press machine is important.

The other is Injection Moulding

Low pressure injection moulding needs much lower cost tools.By this technology,complex shapes can be made.

Using special mixing device, Ceramic powders and organics are mixed together
The resultant mix is granulated and fed into an injection moulding machine
The ceramic flow under pressure into a mould
The mould and the formed ceramic component is cooled quickly to form a solid
Split The mould and the solid ceramic component is ejected

The dry press ceramic beads has higher density and higher strength than injection moulding ceramic beads